There are a lot of agents out there, but none quite like Joyce. It’s not just her years of experience—it’s how she'll make the whole process about you. Easy, clear, and with results you’ll love. Her priority is always you, but she's proud to have achieved the following designations.

Accredited Buyer’s Representatives (ABR) stand for the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. ABR education provides the expertise needed for an edge in serving today’s homebuyers. The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation is proof of our unparalleled service and true commitment to the craft of buyer representation. The ABR designation strengthens business for brokers while providing a broad range of industry advantages for agents through education, comprehensive resources, and unique tools. By working with an ABR when buying a home, homebuyers can rest assured knowing they’re being supported, not sold.

The Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) symbol is the mark of a real estate professional who has made the commitment to provide a high level of professional services by securing a strong educational foundation.

Buying and selling property is a complex and stressful task. In fact, it's often the biggest single investment you will make in your lifetime. At the same time, real estate transactions have become increasingly complicated.

New technology, laws, procedures and the increasing sophistication of buyers and sellers requires real estate practitioners to perform at an ever-increasing level of professionalism.

The SFR certification teaches real estate professionals to work with distressed sellers and the finance, tax, and legal professionals who can help them, qualify sellers for short sales, develop a short sale package, negotiate with lenders, safeguard your commission, limit risk, and protect buyers.

A CRS REALTOR® is a Certified Residential Specialist—one of the top 3 percent of real estate agents in the U.S. CRS agents have more experience and training than the average REALTOR® and they are part of a community of REALTORS® dedicated to improving the real estate industry for homebuyers and sellers everywhere.

If you’re in the market for a high-end home, the best move is to find an experienced local expert who specializes in luxury properties. Having a luxury real estate agent at your side will help you find the best properties while avoiding potential pitfalls as you navigate the home buying process.

Buying a home is already a complex transaction, and it becomes even more challenging if the property you’re after is a luxury home. This is why having proper representation is critical – you want to be sure you’re making knowledgeable, well-informed decisions as you make your way towards your goal.

Before we can define what a Certified Distressed Property Expert is, we need to define what a distressed property is. A property can become distressed for a variety of reasons but the most common is a foreclosure. Any situation that has caused a property owner to have difficulty making mortgage payments or even selling the property is said to be in a distressed state. Basically any property which has foreclosure looming.

Now that we have defined a distressed property, what is a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)? This is not only a designation earned by a licensed Realtor but it is also an acronym that signals to the public that the person displaying it has gone through extensive training to successfully mitigate a foreclosure. This can be done by negotiating mortgage terms, helping to negotiate a refinance or the most likely-help sell the property.

Probate is a legal process that occurs after someone passes away, where the deceased person’s assets, including real estate, are distributed to heirs or beneficiaries. Probate real estate services in Florida are crucial for efficiently managing and selling properties involved in the probate process. This brochure outlines how our services can assist you in this often complex and challenging situation.

Our mission as Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists is to provide expert guidance and support to individuals and families navigating the complexities of probate property transactions. We are dedicated to delivering compassionate service, leveraging our specialized knowledge to ensure a smooth and successful process for our clients during challenging times.

Inheriting a home or other real estate comes with a range of decisions that can impact not just you, but also other family members who are heirs or beneficiaries. Some may prefer to retain the property, while others may seek to sell for cash. These choices often fall to the Personal Representative or Executor, presenting them with difficult decisions.

So how does a buyer make sure their best interests are being protected?  Simple, hire a buyers agent.  There are several reasons why it’s extremely important that when you’re buying a house that you hire a buyers agent.

Since a buyers agent is looking out for a buyers best interest, they’ll help ensure the buyer gets the best deal possible.  


The Certified New Home Specialist (CNHS) designation is recognized as the #1 real estate certification representing professionalism in working with New Home Buyers and Residential Home Builders. The CNHS real estate designation indicates an understanding of today’s New Homebuyers as well as important elements of new home contracts; new home construction financing options and considerations; materials, methods, and terminology of residential construction; blueprint reading; residential building site design and topography; and more. In order to receive the CNHS, real estate agents must first earn the Residential Construction Certified (RCC) designation.

Selling your home is a major decision and requires planning, preparation and an experienced and credentialed REALTOR®. The Seller Representative Specialist Designation (SRS) is the premier professional credential for real estate professionals representing sellers in housing transactions. SRS designees are members of an elite group of trained seller client advocates that know the importance of your specific needs by using Seller Counseling Sessions to ensure all needs are addressed.They are extensively trained in a wide variety of manual and electronic marketing methods to uniquely promote your property to the widest range prospective purchasers.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is essential that you partner with a real estate professional that can meet your needs and understands your lifestyle. The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing exists to help buyers and sellers of luxury homes find real estate professionals with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to support their individual needs.Institute Members specialize in the luxury home market and have completed extensive training to build additional competencies unique to the upper-tier arena. Members also have access to exclusive market insights and the latest strategies and tools enabling them to stay on top of changing market conditions and offer effective plans to sell luxury properties. This insight and specialized knowledge makes Institute Members the best agent choice for affluent buyers and sellers of luxury properties.

As seniors, you have specific needs when it comes to real estate – and there’s more to it than just assisted living facilities or retirement homes. Like all homebuyers, you have your individual needs. You may want to live somewhere with plenty of entertainment and recreational options. Or, you may prefer a quieter and more peaceful community. What’s important is that you find a place where you can feel right at home.

Equipped with specialized skills and knowledge, an SRES is aware of all of this. You can count on them to find a home that is a perfect fit and addresses all of your present and future needs. These can include general home features such as one-story floor plans, senior-friendly bathrooms, and no-step entries.

SRESs are also well trained in the requirements of the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA), so they know which housing developments and communities are designated specifically for seniors. This is knowledge that ordinary real estate agents don’t have, and a huge advantage you can benefit from by working with an SRES.

What is an ePRO agent?

ePRO = Tech Certification – a REALTOR® who uses cutting-edge technologies and digital initiatives to link up with today's savvy real estate consumer will have ePRO after their name.

Pricing Strategy Advisor®  - Agents with the designation PSA have passed the Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA course which provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare and deliver a comprehensive CMA Report, work with appraisers and appraisal reports, and how to keep one’s pricing skills up-to-date and honed.

RSPS Realtors work with buyers and sellers in second home, resort, recreational, and vacation destinations. The Space Coast requires an in-depth understanding of the local market, vacation and second home tax issues, the ins and outs of real estate investments, and local and state regulatory matters.

Tailored Expertise for Veterans

MRPs are equipped with specialized knowledge and training designed to assist veterans with their unique relocation needs. These professionals comprehend the intricacies involved in military moves, including the specific timelines, allowances, and regulations governing relocation for active-duty service members and veterans. By engaging an MRP certified Realtor, veterans can benefit from a streamlined and efficient relocation process tailored to their circumstances.

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